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Logistics Services

Our customer friendly services set us apart from others in the market. The chief services that we provide are:
  • International ocean freight
  • Haulage services
  • Warehousing services (Bonded warehouse and Non-Bonded warehouse)
  • Forwarding services
The distinguishing factor about our services is that we are a group of four companies. This implies that we provide our customers with an array of services all under a single roof. Thus instead of running around, our customers get integrated solutions here.
In terms of insurance, the insurer for marine insurance that BW group is making use of are:
There are varied ways in which we serve our customers and some of the notable ones are as follows:
Service Team
Our service team is a big benefit for our clients. This team of professionals is not only comprised of highly talented individuals but also highly experienced ones.
Equipment and facilities
We have a big haul of equipment so that we never fall short on providing good services. Our haulage consists of 15 units of prime movers, 18 units of 20 feet trailers, 62 units of 40 feet trailers and 1 unit of side loader. In the near future (early April-June 2018), we will expand our facilities to 17 units of Prime Movers, 22 units of 20" Trailers, 68 units of 40" Trailers, and 2 units of Side Loaders.

What Makes Our Services Indispensable?

"We, at BW Group,
offer you the best logistics services
available in the industry
A practical approach and a great quality service make us one of the best in the business. By choosing us, you get a plethora of advantages with some of the notable ones as follows:
  We have a team of professionals coming from related background with average working experience of 10 years, ensuring premium services to our clients.
  The availability of a talented in-house team and all the related services under one roof, leads to a better coordination. This ensures a hassle free service to our clients.
  We do not need to outsource professionals from other sources which prevent many complications for our clients.
  For the clients with bigger demands, we work in collaboration with Bukit Waja from Kuala Lumpur. This way we ensure that, we can cater to your demands in the best way possible irrespective of size of your cargo.
  In numbers, our current haulage boasts of 6 units of prime movers and 42 trailers of varied capacities. Along with the support and haulage of our strategic partner, we can meet greater challenges with ease and efficiency.
  Fitted with global positioning system, we not only keep track of your cargo all the time but can also track it in the event of hijack and recover it.
  Our services are not limited to ocean cargo only, as we also provide land and sea services.
We are the best destination for all the logistics solutions, be it land or ocean, and related services. In nutshell, we are the best destination for all the logistic and related services incorporating the most effective and efficient methods for smooth execution.
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